Norte Region: The Region for Professional Surfers

The North is known as the “Norte” region, it is a blend of historic and cultural wealth. The western areas of northern Portugal are heavily populated and are separated into regions, Tamega, Alto Trás-os-Montes, Entre Douro e Vouga, Cavado, Douro, Grande Porto, Minho-Lima and Ave. The northern area of Portugal is a little bit more cool and wet.

Portugal is divided by the river Tagus which separates the north from the south. The northern part of Portugal has lots of mountains. And is also known as the region that surfers love to visit because of its exclusive beaches and sea waves that have all the features surf lovers are looking for.

The Northern region is often forgotten. Despite having coldd waters, there are classic rides to be explored. Cabedelo beach, near Viana do Castelo, the will gather, body boarders, windsurfers, surfers, kite surfers and in the same day.

Aguçadoura is a virgin bank beach with lots of beach break peaks, which helps to generate sea waves that surfers love to experience. Another lovely place you would like to visit if you want to have the best of surfing spot is Azurara, right after the beautiful town of Vila do Conde.

The only unique urban beach break in Portugal, with a subway stop right by the beach sand, is located in Matosinhos, which is not far from the historical town of Porto, the country’s second most busy city. Despite the crowded peaks, there is always space for new surfers, all year round.

In Espinho is also a perfect place to surf with deep right-handers and has a casino located among the beach. Espinho is a perfect place to have lots of fun after your surfing experience. This wave is not for everyone, except for professionals and experienced surfers.
There are lots of attractions for those who love nature in Notre region.

Norte region has also numerous national parks and tourist sites.

Matosinhos Beach Cam


Espinho Beach Cam